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STA Travel is the global leader in student travel, with 35 years of providing amazing travel experiences to their customers. They strongly believe that travel is the best education - there is nothing like it to open the eyes, minds and hearts. STA Travel offer exclusive airfares not found on other travel sites, a choice of cheaper hand-picked hotels and hostels across the globe, and a unique range of travel options including working holiday visas, round the world trips and volunteer programs. You can obtain the ISIC Card which is the most accepted form of Student ID while travelling abroad. It unlocks discounts for student travellers while travelling and at home. STA Travel also have Teacher and Youth Travel cards as well.
Student Travel Worldwide


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YHA believe that everyone should have the unique opportunity to discover, explore and experience something new, and for over 80 years they have helped young people and schools, families and friends, travellers and individuals to explore, learn and relax the length and breadth of England and Wales. YHA offers accommodation at 160 locations, in 10 city centres, 4 country houses, 34 camp sites and 1 castle with over 100 properties for exclusive hire. This all helps to get young people out and about to experience our countryside and cities and gives them a taste of adventure that they might not otherwise get. The YHA is a charity. Please help disadvantaged young people & families who really need our support - donate to YHA
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