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Credits and Acknowledgements

Our Use of some Images, Graphics and Text

With grateful thanks to the following persons and organisations whose work we have used under licence (if required) on this website for our users. Please note that some content may be in the Public Domain or free for commercial use, and the entries are listed alphabetically under the author's chosen username.

derwiki - Image of Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Pixabay user 562673.

fjaka - Image of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Pixabay user 551782.

kordi_vahle - Image of Dolomites, Italy. Pixabay user 4934524.

meteonrw - Image of Bull, Spain. Pixabay user 669218.

nkoks - Image of Eiffel Tower, France. Pixabay user 771541.

lutz6078 - Image of Rock of Gibraltar. Pixabay user 2052836.

daryuschandra - Image of Guernsey. Pixabay user 8364783.

Image of Guernsey Tower by Chris Gunns [CC BY-SA]

Image of Palms in Alderney by Andree Stephan [CC BY-SA]

Scozzy - Image of Bondi Beach, Australia. Pixabay user 5694254.

JulesR - Image of Papua New Guinea. Pixabay user 3390627.

Makalu - Image of Waiau River, New Zealand. Pixabay user 680451.

serkansivri - Image of Alanya at night in Turkey. Pixabay user 10444241.

Alain Lenneuyeux - Image of Antalya, Turkey. Pixabay user 95440.

Sozopol, Bulgaria Image by Stana Apostolova from Pixabay Italy Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay
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