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Lakes and Mountains Holidays

Lakes and Mountains

Lakes and mountains family package holidays

Lakes and Mountains Holidays

Holidays in beautiful lakes and mountains regions

Lakes and Mountains Holidays
These resorts include most of the beautiful lakes of Europe from the Mediterranean quality of the Italian lakes to the dramatic settings and crystal clear waters in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and France. There is a huge choice of lakeside locations giving you the chance to explore the local area on the water. Nothing beats a lakeside cafe or restaurant with a spectacular view and these are in abundance as well as the history and culture that goes hand in hand with lakeside communities. The coastal resorts are full of character and are usually close to the mountains so you get the best of both worlds. For those who love walking, there can be no greater holiday experience than escaping the pressures of modern day life in the beautiful mountains. Walking is an essential part of a lakes and mountains holiday, whether it is a leisurely stroll by a lake, admiring the views or a full day hiking in the mountains. Most of the resorts have well marked trails which are easily followed.