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Lakes and Mountains in Germany

Holidays to Germany
The romantic vistas along the Rhine Valley, the extravagance of the castles in Bavaria, and the Alps hold a special charm. Berchtesgaden and Konigssee are in an area of stunning natural beauty full of Bavarian tradition and fascinating history. Protected by Germany's secong highest mountain, the Watzmann, Berchtesgadener land has stunning scenery wrapped in a blanket of tales of its famous history. Made wealthy by the salt hidden deep within the mountains, Berchtesgaden sits on the hillside with attractive cobbled streets and inviting cafes.
The country has some of the most stunning countryside and beautiful cities in the world just waiting to be discovered, combining modern life with a deep heritage, in a whirlwind of culture. Germany is the largest country in central Europe and a land full of fairytale castles, classical architecture, huge and mysterious forests and beautiful landscapes. The Baltic Sea coast in the north of the country is home to miles of sandy beaches and charming resorts, and picturesque islands such as Rugen. Southern Germany hosts the dramatic and towering Bavarian Alps with stunning scenery, the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle, the Black Forest, which is a region with stunning views and wide mountain peaks, and some of the best skiing resorts in Europe.
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