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Pestana Hotels and Resorts

Pestana Hotels and Resorts

Pestana Hotels & Resorts is part of the largest holiday, tourism and leisure group in Portugal and manages 41 hotels throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Pestana offers a variety of hotels from leisure and travel accommodation by the sea to urban hotels such as the Pestana Chelsey Bridge Hotel in London, and can be found in Portugal, Germany, the UK, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Cape Verde, Mozambique and South Africa.

These hotels are four and five star rated. When staying with Pestana Hotels & Resorts you can enjoy a wide range of facilities and a large selection of activities such as SPA, golf, diving, buggy rides, safari, water sports, fishing, horse riding, night life activities and many more. Moreover, Pestana gives a Best Price guarantee to all guests who make an online booking.

Pestana Hotels

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