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Attractions in Malta - The Blue Grotto

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The Blue Grotto in Malta

The Blue Grotto in Southern Malta

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in Malta is a beautiful natural wonder on the southern coast where, legend says, sirens bewitched seafarers with their songs. It is one of a series of caves up to 8 metres deep in warm, blue Mediterranean water and is a favourite spot for swimmers and scuba-divers. Sea anemones have tinted the sides orange, and coral has coloured the sides with shades of pink and mauve. Four caves reflect the brilliant colours of the corals and minerals found in the limestone. The most spectacular of the caves is known as the Blue Grotto which is best seen when the sun is low in the mornings and with a calm sea. Mid-morning is best when the slanting sun reflects off the sandy seabed and turns the caves a beautiful turquoise blue. All the caves have names and one of the best is known as Reflection Cave. A hand placed in the water will glow turquoise when moved!

The Fishing Village of Wied iz-Zurrieq is nearby which is reached by a spectacular drive along the cliff tops. From here, boat trips are available in traditional fishing boats and last about 45 minutes if the weather is calm. The boats enter the caves through a narrow arch called The Window.

The village consists only of a few houses, shops and cafes, and there is often an exhibition of sea shells and other village crafts on display for visitors to see. A small shrine gives Heavenly protection to fishermen and a watch-tower built by the Knights of St John to warn of enemy ships. The slipway leads to the small harbour and is lined with traditional fishing boats. This is a favourite place for swimmers and scuba-divers. In Malta, a visit to the Blue Grotto is a must-see on any holiday or leisure break.

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